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Selling junk cars for cash is simple with Car Gambit, no matter where you are located. We purchase cars, trucks, suvs and vans in almost any condition

What Is the Difference Between a Transmission Fluid Change and a Transmission Flush?

To get a better understanding of the difference between these two methods, it will help to have an understanding of what each of these methods is. Let’s take a look at each method separately, then we’ll dive into the key differences between the two as well as some debate over which is better.

Traditional Transmission Fluid Change

Most of you are probably familiar with how an engine oil change works. Simply remove the drain plug, let the old oil drain out, replace the filter, and then refill with new oil. Pretty simple, right? Well, a transmission fluid change is pretty…

You have a salvage vehicle and don’t know who to sell it to? Junkyards, private buyers, and car dealerships all have different offers. Not every dealer in your area will be able to properly evaluate your totaled, mechanically damaged or otherwise less-than-perfect vehicle. A totaled car can be stressful and can also take a lot of your time.

How To Junk My Car For 500 Cash Near Me?

The average down payment for an entry-level $20,000 car will cost you $2,000. What if you don’t have that kind of money just laying around? You shouldn’t be stuck with an old clunker just because of cash flow problems. …

Car Gambit - Cash For Cars

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